8th & Ocean on MTV

  1. Remember this show about young models? It was so good! Did it get canceled? It seemed to have just dropped off.
  2. I think it's coming back. I really liked the show. At the end you know they had that new model come in which gave me the impression it would be coming back. You know those shows take forever to come back on. Look at Laguna Beach. They tape for an entire year to make that show and I think 8th and Ocean is just like that.
  3. ^^^
    Oh, I must have missed the last couple episodes!
  4. Whoops, sorry if I ruined it for you. If it does come back on, you know you will be able to see it during the marathons. But I think they may have come out with a DVD for it.
  5. ^^
    haha, no worries! You didn't ruin anything. If I'm bored enough I'll go seek out the DVD. Thanks, elong!
  6. i really hope it comes back! i really liked this show, i can't believe the twins had such a horrible relationship and i loved brittany!
  7. I like this show too. The modelling world is harsh. I didn't like the other twin who wanted to get a boob job and decided not to later. And she was so mean to her sister, didn't tell her about the appointment and got her in trouble. I hope that there is a season 2.
  8. I liked the show too... I remember being really excited that it was airing, but I didnt follow it as well as I've followed Laguna/The Hills.
    I hope it comes back on though!
  9. I loved the show.. Heidi was moving in with the girls so some drama might unfold in season 2 since she's so much of a flirt. Hopefully there won't be a grudge between Heidi & Britt b/c of Teddy. But who knows...Britt seemed like a really sweet girl who isn't looking for trouble. Can't wait for season 2!
  10. ^^ Oh, that was the finale? Okay, then I'm not behind!
  11. this show is going to start screening in New Zealand VERY soon - i think this week or next week... do u think i should watch it??? is it fun as Laguna Beach??? i love watching LB!!!
  12. That Britt girl is stunning! Those eyes! Teddy ugh :sad:
  13. Britt is lovely. I also like her personality.
    The twins...talk about drama.

    I didn't like the show that much in the beginning and then it grew on me. It does nicely show how the modeling world is harsh.
  14. Unfortunately, according to this site:

    the futon critic - the web's best primetime television resource

    8th and Ocean has not been renewed for a second season. The good news is that according to this site:

    8th & Ocean: The Complete First Season [DVD] online at Movies Unlimited

    the DVD is due out September 19th.

    Yes, I was addicted too. Also, if you go to Abercrombie's website, you can see Heide and one of the male models (I forget who off the top of my head - Sean? I would double check except Abercrombie makes me nauseous and I can't be sick for dance class tonight) in their "new faces" section.
  15. Oh well that's too bad. IntlSet, at least you can check out the rest of the episodes you missed.