8GB iPhone $349 - Apple Certified refurbished

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  1. The Apple Website has refurbished 8GB iPhones for $349 (instead of $599)

    Apple refurbished has all of the same guarantees has regular Apple purchases...

    Treat yourself....
  2. Apple just dropped their iPhone prices...new 8GB iPhones are now $399.
  3. I recently read that apple is renewing ipod's and iphone..and there will be price cut for the iPhone.

    ---totoro928 wrote it just before me---- :smile:
  4. OK - I have made a fool of myself - but I am so glad I did. I jumped on the offer and got it from my friend.... so now I cancelled the order.

    Thanks for letting me know....

    But now I do feel sick - I got one for my birthday just over 2 weeks ago - Apple has never let things go down in price this quickly....
  5. Mods - please close this thread - and let me squirm back into to a corner...
  6. You aren't the only one who feels like crap after the new announcements. I got a new ipod a couple months ago and all of a sudden they are releasing the TOUCH ipod and what not. it's like...wtf
  7. I generally try to wait a while before purchasing Apple products... seems like they do a lot of upgrades & reduce prices soon after their "debut."
    I doubt I will jump on the iPhone bandwagon though... not because of iPhone of course but b/c of AT&T.
  8. ^I agree about the iPhone. I'm a Verizon user and my BF is a sales guy there, so I def can't stray! The iPod I got wasn't a just released model or anything, which is what bugs me. I didn't give into any hype, just thought it was time to trade up from my old one.