$899 black paddy on overstock

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I snagged a Python Betty for $1172 with the discount. What a deal!
  2. Wow!!!
  3. Katmb,

    Great snag, that is a beautiful bag!!! I left my e-mail in case they get another!
  4. $900 for a bag?!?! Holy ****, does that thing come with Tivo and Wi-fi? It better. Either that or it better transform into a house maid. :cursing:
  5. They have another right now! Hope you get it:tup:
  6. they had another betty python??
  7. Yeah, it was there this morning!
  8. I saw it this morning and my mom wanted to get it...but the cc didnt go through cuz she's in canada. :crybaby:
  9. I just looked and it's gone now...
  10. I know..I can't even find the link anymore
  11. It was an excellant deal, I can see how it would fly off the shelves. They seem to have new items everyday. Just keep checking!
  12. Ya it was an awesome deal!! Thanks, I will keep checking!
  13. I can't find it! Was it a current paddy?