896 Pink Pleated Ergo Satchels available

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  1. Hi all-

    I had no order status, then I got the call from my store that the bag was unavailable and they were refunding, and now I spoke to CS who said the item was "just" downloaded to their system in the last 90 minutes and there are 896 of them in pink patent leather for sale. My store must have gotten the unavailable RIGHT before the warehouse assigned it a order number.

    So, just wanted everyone to hear the number since yesterday I was told their were low numbers and according to CS there are plenty.

    I JUST reordered the bag on the phone with my SA so I guess this only puts me a day behind and hopefully I will get it by next Thursday/Friday?
  2. .... this bag better be worth the drama!~
  3. I saw your other thread and was going to suggest that you try again because I'd heard that they had a large amount in JAX.

    So it's good that you had the forethought to call again, and she'll arrive next week!

    I also hope I love them, considering all the waiting, checking for order status', conflicting information, etc. COACH probably wonders how can so many people from various parts of the Country know about these bags so quickly! AHH, tPF!!!:tup:
  4. I called about the black one I ordered yesterday because I'm getting the "no info on this order #" message as well, but its showing up as backordered. They're supposed to be getting them in next week and then will ship. and strawberry charm also. I agree, I hope this bag is worth all the drama!!
  5. wow, they still have the pink? yeah thats weird, my SA told me yesterday that they were all "sold out?" weird... well thats good news for everyone that wants the pink satchel! i can't wait to see it! i just ordered mine in the navy patent today... wooo hoooo!
  6. Yesterday was before the item was "released". Apparently today they released a large number so anyone with a backorder would be released today. Yesterday they didn't tell me sold out, but they said low numbers.
  7. well thats good coachfreak! can't wait to see it!! gosh i'm like crazy about this bag... i really hope its worth the wait and $$ :s
  8. It seems to me that there are quite a few SAs out there that don't understand what the computer system is telling them. This is not unique to Coach-I find many people in sales and service can't seem to be bothered lately. When you find someone who cares or has intelligence, hang on for dear life!! Congrats on the good news!!!
  9. this happened with the tattersall satchel - they had a bit over 200 and then when it was really released, it was around the same #....

  10. Amen, sister!! This is exciting b/c it means there just might be some left during next PCE. If not, then I guess it wasn't meant to be for me. Unless I switch it up to the navy...Argh, I am so excited for ya'll to get your bags and show us the candy!! If I'm this excited, I can't imagine how you all are feeling!
  11. I can't wait to see what these bags look like IRL!! Post photos as soon as they arrive!!
  12. I will of course, but purseGal is getting the pink AND orange tomorrow!!!!! :popcorn: