$875 for the Resort 06 Topaz Stam: Yay or nay?

  1. Ive been on the hunt for my friend who is in love with this bag. She is unfamilair with high end purses in general, and Im a doofus when it comes to knowledge about MJ Collection bags. I think I may have located one at Saks for $875 not including tax. Is the Topaz Stam worth paying $875, given its original retail of $1350, and of its rare status? I have checked the very few and far between recent auctions for the bag, and quite frankly, Im still up in the air about it.

    So what do you think? Topaz Stam for $875, worth it or no?

    Below is a pic from a past auction for the bag

    If you'd like to see the auctions:



  2. i'd say it's not a bad deal. i think aggie just got a topaz stam for about $600 or so, i can't be sure. since it's an older season, discontinued style, your best bet at this point would be eBay or getting lucky stalking one of the department store outlets. if your friend really wants it, i think she should get it. $875 is a pretty good price considering it would be nwt. i've seen a few topaz stams pop up on eBay recently, but they've been used.
  3. If it was me and I really wanted that color, I would grab it! :yes:
  4. its times like these that i think about selling my topaz stam just to make some $$!
  5. I think thats good for NWT from Saks where you have piece of mind and all. I got my second Topaz stam as a refurb. from NR for $499, and it's totally pristine. I think Aggie paid $650+ for hers NWT off eBay. The topaz is such an amazing color, totally worth it!
  6. Are you sure its the Topaz Stam from Saks for $875??

    The reason I ask is this - I just paid $799 for the one you pictured in your first post - I got the bag over the weekend & the seller included the original receipt - She got it at Saks in June 2007 - and paid $630!! (I was a little miffed at the $170 profit, but then took a breath!)

    If Saks still has a Topaz stam, wouldn't it be the same price she paid in June of last year (or maybe even lower)??
  7. I don't think that's a bad deal at all! I'd grab it.