866 - What a Frustration!

  1. UGH...so I called 866 just now (I hate bugging my SA all the time for release date stuff).
    I asked about Dentelle release date being pushed back saying my SA got an email from headquarters about the Kirsten & Fursten. 866 insists they have heard nothing about this and that SAs should not be sharing inside information.

    Then I ask about the LVOE bandeau ...she says "I don't think there is one" then "Let me check" comes back and says "We know nothing about any release dates"

    Then she says "Yea...those Purse Blogs...too many rumors going wild when they don't really know anything"

    OMG! I almost felt like saying we know way more than you guys do!!!!

    So in the end....I know nothing more than I did to start! Totally useless!

  2. what?!?! :cursing:

    I know SOMETHING and they know NOTHING! lol
    Hey twiggers, I'm going to LV tomorrow to pick up the LVoe scarf (my SA called me on Feb.14) and if you want, I can prolly ask her about the dentelle bags.... but I'm in Canada...so I dunno if I can help you much....:sad:
  3. Thanks CEC! I appreciate it! And you lucky girl getting your LVOE scarf! I want the bandeau so badly!
  4. ^^ That's weird...I called 866 this afternoon, and she told me that the release date for the LVOE bandeau was April 1st. Maybe it depends on who you get on the phone?
  5. I hope you'll get it soon! You have quite a list there with the LV scarves:graucho:

    hehe thanks... I just HOPE that my SA was talking about the right LVoe scarf and didn't make a mistake with another scarf cuz I feel realllllllly uneasy now that so many people here either don't know about the release date or some even said in APRIL........ I don't wanna make a trip for nothing:cursing:
  6. What?! They spy on us !!!!!!???????????????????????????!!11111:wtf:
  7. I think your SA may be right...when I called 866 earlier, at first she said "oh, those have already been released" and then said "oh, wait, that's canada; canada already has them, it will be April 1st for the US."

    so lucky you!
  8. completely agree; i call 10 times a day-get 10 different answers:rolleyes: ...infinitely frustrating...:hysteric:
  9. Well the customer service line in Australia is no better. They asked me to spell pochette for them
  10. LOL Couture!!!!

    I'm glad I"m not the only one who experiences frustration with 866. I guess I'll be bugging my SA tomorrow!
  11. oh! thank you so much for the info:yahoo:

    lol... that's pretty sad....:sweatdrop:
  12. I hat 1866! Every single time I called for something they don't know anything! When I called in October for the Azur, she had no idea of what I was talking about! I recently called to see if they will be making a Mirroir Lock-it, and she laughed! She said "No, Ma'am! You are sooo wrong, where did you get that!"
  13. Check with your SA, at least she can confirm with the manager :yes: I'm over call centres!
  14. Sorry to hear about your "run around".
  15. I know, so frustrating, esp. when you know they are wrong!