1. I was reading a few posts of pfers ordering from 866 & having the items shipped to them. Would any of you know if they can ship outside of the US? International?:confused1:
  2. No unfortunatelly they don't for biling I guess:shrugs:
  3. I am not sure about that..let me find out for you..
  4. Nope..no international shipping only to USA

    But people in Hawaii can get some bags from overseas shipment. The SA in Hawaii can get the bag from international database as long the purchase is from Hawaii store.
  5. you can call and have something shipped to you provided its available in your country.

    For ex if you are in Canada and there aren't any of what you're looking for but they're in a US store, you're out of luck they wont ship.
  6. ok, so since I do have an LV store here in my country does that mean they will ship here? what price do i pay? the US price or the price here?
  7. Your only chance is ebay to be honest, why don't you call your LV store they might be able to ship it to you. 866 won't ship international.
  8. Thanks for checking.....
  9. thanks....