866-vuitton spoke bad about "my poupette"!

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  1. Hmm...not sure what to make of this. Just called 866-vuitton to ask about a date code in the black MC pochette that I just received from eluxury. You see I just received the bag today and the date code is SD1104. And, I thought that meant November of 2004 for its birthday. I wanted to know why eluxury would send me a 3 1/2 year old bag. The vuitton rep told me that I am not reading the date code correctly. Am I? Someone tell me please! I did mention that I am a tPF member and that I would confirm here and she said brought up my poupette and said all day long she and the other reps have to correct all the misinformation that my poupette dishes out on their site. I was like, "What"? Then she said that the only experts are at Vuitton. She added that she can't tell me the correct way to read a date code due to all the counterfeiters out there...whatever!:confused1:
  2. Are you sure that is the date code?

    Can you please post a nice clear pic?
  3. 1104 would be october 2014??
  4. one sec, let me get the magnifying glass out
  5. It is clearly SD1014
  6. Amanda and Addy, What does the code SD1014 translate to?
  7. ^^^ It would translate to made in USA in November of 2004.
  8. It would be november 2004.
  9. Yup, just like John said. They definitely aren't supposed to give out the way to read the date codes and I'm sure they just do it because LV would PREFER that everyone buy their bags brand new from them. Sometimes it's just not feasible though. I think it's almost best not to bring up MyPoupette or TPF when dealing with LV.
  10. wait guys. I read something about LV changing up their date codes recently. Anyone else hear this?
  11. Also: The dustbag they sent you: did it just have the brown LV in the front or does it have "LOUIS VUITTON" on it?

    I don't always believe what people from 866 say... the ones I've spoken to, like this one time I called about CB items, informed me that any CB item found on eBay WILL be fake. :s

    And the 866 rep is correct. They aren't supposed to give out much info on date codes so they can avoid helping counterfeiters. :yes:
  12. Wait, Rebecca, I bought this bag brand new from Eluxury a few days ago and Vuitton owns Eluxury, right?
  13. Yes, but this only for items made from January 2007 since the new date code format took effect immediately in January 2007.
  14. Thanks John. The dustbag has the complete LOUIS VUITTON on it and is square like it should be.
  15. John, Do you think it odd that Eluxury is selling me such an old bag? What do you suppose is up with that? Oh, and it isn't like it is patina-ed or anything.