866 Reps: Aggressively Selling Lately...Commission???


May 7, 2006
Just curious....the last couple of times I've called 866 it seems like they have been trying to aggressively sell the products to me!
For example:
I called inquiring about the price of the Stratus GM when it first came out....she tells me and then goes on to say how she can get one for me right now, but I should buy it now because it'll be sold out in a week...yada yada...seemed like she was trying desperately to sell it!!

Second, I called about the Fleurs keychain...she gives me what limited info they have and then tells me that she can put me on a list she has for new products and call me when it comes in (OK...not so aggressive...but something that they've never done to me before)

Third, last night I call to find out what time a store opens today and then confirm that they have a necklace I'm buying. She says 'Oh, they have several, but they could be waitlisted. Instead of calling the store...you should just call me back and buy it through us'. HUH? Why not buy through the store where I have a relationship with the SA?

Maybe I'm overthinking....but has anyone else noticed this lately? Do they maybe get individual commission, unlike the stores?
Jun 26, 2006
Maybe they are starting to encourage more people to buy thru 866# but I haven't noticed anything different with them... however while I was in Vegas this past week several SA's offered to show me pics of the upcoming LE items and encouraged me waitlist for these items. This is something my local SA in Florida will do but ordinarily other SA's would not offer waitlist (but maybe I caught their attention b/c I was carrying my Denim Porte Epaule:shrugs: )


Aug 15, 2006
I had the same experience. I called a couple of weeks ago trying to find info on the groom zippy and pouchette wallets and she suggested that I can order it now over the phone because they are so limited. She was very helpful though.


The original Iluvbags
Oct 18, 2005
It happened to me. I asked if an item was available and for the phone number of the store.

The SA basically told me no and that when I'm ready to just call back to 1866 :tdown:

She really pissed me off............Can we say pissed on here? :sweatdrop: LOL


Jan 26, 2007
I called them several times regarding azur speedy 30 and etoile bandeau. They were super helpful and I love speaking to them. I actually know one SA on 1866 really well.
They have offered me several times to locate it for me and to get it transferred to my local store or to even purchase it over the phone. I believe it's part of their job to do too. I didn't feel like they were trying real hard to make a sale. It was more of a *give me all my options* kind of thing.