866 Problems?/ Hotstamping Issue

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  1. I was on the phone with someone from the 866 number and I got disconnected. I assumed it was just my lousy cell phone service but when I tried to call back on my house phone, it said the number had been disconnected?????

    Anyway, does anyone have the direct number to the LV Atlanta store? I dropped off a luggage tag to be hotstamped on the 29th of June(Friday). They said it would take one week. So I came back July 8th(Sunday) and spoke with the guy that actually does the hotstamping. He said it was going to take 2 weeks since he has several stores he does the hotstamping for. I gave him my info and he said he would mail it when it was done. I called THREE weeks after I dropped it off and someone there said that a part for the hotstamping machine had broken and it would be delayed even more. NO ONE had called me about this to even give me a heads up or anything. Now, I received in the mail my luggage tag with the correct initials done in GOLD when I asked for no color and VERTICAL when I asked for horizontal. I'm fairly mad right now when I've waited nearly a month for this. It wouldnt be that big of a deal, but I live 2.5 hours from the LV store and have already made two trips up there just for this anyway. Disappointment is an understatement.
  2. Geez, what a bummer. have you checked yellowpages.com for the store number? I would definitely take up this matter with the store manager by phone (since you live so far away) and ask that they replace it with exactly what you asked for in the first place, or just give you a new luggage tag at the very least. I would bet they will take care of it for you. So sorry!!
  3. The number on yellowpages.com and on the back of the receipt takes me straight to the 866 number which either gives me the disconnected speech or a busy signal. :sad:
  4. How annoying! Hope it gets straightened out soon, maybe they're just having a glitch. Or try again when you can use a land line.
  5. According to Le Catalogue, the one in Lenox Square is 404-266-3674. Good luck!
  6. Well, I got a direct number to the Lenox Square Store(it's 404.266.3687 in case anyone was wondering) and I asked for the manager. Who do I get???? The guy that does the hotstamping himself. And of course it was NOT his fault, but the SA that wrote down the instructions. It's going to take ANOTHER two weeks for it to be ready. I'm about to SCREAM. He acted as if nothing was wrong at all. Please tell me now, if I spend over $900 for a bag(which is a lot to me because I'm only 17 and its not like my parents are doctors or lawyers or w/e), am I crazy for wanting better treatment than this and being mad?
  7. Your frustration is totally justified...$900 is alot for ANYONE, regardless. The least LV could do is to replace your tag, with the correct imprint/font you requested. I know it's frustrating, you spend alot, you expect the SAs that represent such a high-end luxury product to be more professional and knowledgeable...but the reality is, they are human, and they do screw up.... Hopefully your future experiences won't be so upsetting, and I hope you get them to fix your order ASAP....let us know what happens, and good luck !!!!
  8. Lenox has bad customer service imho. Another lady on tPF posted recently about a bad experience with the Lenox boutique and hot stamping. Apparently it took her 4 weeks if I am remembering right. I wanted to get my next item hot stamped, but now I wonder if its worth it. Does the LV in Saks at Phipps do hot stamping?