866 Cerises Stock

  1. Hi all,

    I know people are still looking for these:

    cerises sac plat

    They can still locate these for you so you don't need ebay :smile:
  2. sure wish they'd ship/were aval. in canada
  3. awwww....what about directly calling one of the stores to ask?
    I know that King of Prussia had a bunch of pochettes, and one of the stores in Seattle had them too.
  4. I know, I really don't understand the reasoning behind their policy of not shipping between the U.S. and Canada.
  5. Its crappy :crybaby:
  6. Great info! you are the BEST!
  7. Same here!! I actually called Eluxury last week to ask them if they're ever going to start shipping to Canada and the girl told me that they're in the process of getting it started and that they should begin shipping to Canada in the next few years !!!!

    Why a few years??? I don't see why it's going to take so long!! :sad:
  8. No problem miroir!
  9. which one is the sac plat?
  10. oh wait i know!!

    do they still have the cles?!?
  11. the box shape one, sac plat's also available in monogram, denim, etc...
  12. Thanks! But why no speedy?:crybaby:
  13. i know i want the speedy 2!!
  14. Speedy has been sold out forever...the cles is also sold out!
    Both are available on ebay (I've been searching for a speedy myself).
  15. Does anyone know how much the keepall is now after the price increase?