866 call (I was hypnotized)

  1. I just got off the phone with 866. Long story short my mom wanted me to check the size for some Santa Barbra's anyway the music is like CRAZY I LOVED IT!!! did anyone else here it?
  2. yes it is a peice called magnoilas sp/ by david grumel. I love it!!!!!! He is french i think. I love that song, so beautiful
  3. thanks soo much!!
  4. Yes, it's a great song. Sometimes I wish that LV would place me on hold just a bit longer so that I can listen to more of the song - LOL.
  5. LOL...it totally gets stuck in head....I was dreaming about it the other night, and thought, OMG! I am spending why too much time on the phone with LV!
  6. if you use google and type in david grumel, you can see him play this song live, sorry I dont have the link.
  7. yay!!!! This song makes me want a martini and candles and to just chill mmmmmmmmm lol
  8. heehee, thank you for the info!!!

    i just found it on iTunes....i think i'll add to my ipod!!!;):heart:
  9. ok, i just bought the song!!! awesome! :tup:
  10. it's great....but i feel like i'm on HOLD!
  11. haha, I'm looking for it on itunes now!
  12. lol I tought I was the only one obsesing about songs which I don't know the name of, specially runway songs:drool:
  13. i love their songs. thanks for asking fashionmike! now i can d/l from itunes!

    OT: does anyone know the name of the song on their spring/summer 07 runway clip?