86 year old body builder

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    I hope this hasn't been posted before, but yep, this lady has been weightlifitng since she was 72!!! (Pity there are no before pics.)

    All I know is, at the age of 28, I've got NO excuse!

    Meet 86 Year Old BodyBuilder Great Grandma
  2. wow:wtf: she's 86, her face look 40 or 50-something and her body is more fit than mine has ever been! Not that I want to look like a body builder, but now if a woman older than my grandmother stays fit like that, there's no excuses for me not to.
  3. Wow!! Awesome figure! What an inspiration to us all!!!!:yes:
  4. That's pretty amazing!!

    There used to be a woman who worked out where I did, she had to be in her 70's and she could lift more weight than me! I was always impressed!
  5. I had a PT about 4 yrs ago that was 55 yrs young, and she was arthritic and couldn't move very well until she started lifting weights. She won a couple of body building contest and was in awesome shape!!
  6. Wow ! Pretty impressive.
  7. Wow, I'm impressed!
  8. holy......**running to gym to go workout....**
  9. Oh my god.. well, that's certainly going to kick my butt into motion !
  10. Good for her!!!!
  11. she does NOT look 86! wow!
  12. more pics:


  13. this woman seriously looks half her age... amazing!

    i should try to get my mom into bodybuilding.
  14. she looks fabulous... I am amazed, she looks so healthy and young, is she really 86? I am less than half her age and she looks way better then I do!!
  15. OMG looking like that at 86!!!! What a credit to her & great that she is so healthy!