85th Anniversary white horsebit hobo

  1. Does anyone own the white 85th anniversary horsebit hobo? Is it comfortable on the shoulder? Does it have the feel of all seasons? Should I buy it?
  2. I have the Anniversary Hobo in Black and love it! Very comfortable and lightweight. The mystic white is definitely a versatile color for all seasons. I say buy it. I personally loved the Anniversary collection. I own the medium mystic white boston and the medium rust guccissima boston as well.
    Black Gucci Anniversary Hobo.jpg Mystic White Boston.jpg Rust Anniversary Gucci.jpg
  3. Thank you so much, Samantha's Collection!!!!! The pics are beautiful and so appreciated. I am envious of your collection. I only own one Gucci...... the Abbey GG monogrammed large tote. It was not a smart purchase because the shape does not lend itself to daily handbag use. It is more like a briefcase size and shape. So needless to say I don't use it much. I am trying to be smarter with my future purchases. So thanks again.
  4. Oh, very nice pics...big eyes, I'm loving gucci more everyday and wanna post a pic of my gucci!