85th Anniversary Wallets/Accessories

  1. Were there any wallets or accessories made for the 85th Anniversary?

    I plan on getting an Anniversary bag and I was thinking about what wallet to get with it.

  2. piper .. arent they limited?

    gonna check them on Guccis site and reply u back
  3. i found this necklece + few scarves and a toy horse in the gift section
  4. Getting the scarf. Thank you.

    I was hoping to get a wallet to but I have not found that.
  5. piperlu ... great u made ur choice... do supply us with Pix ;)
  6. I just came back from Rome and they do have the matching wallets and accessories for the 85th editions. I know as I purchased an 85th anniversary brown guccisima bag ( that I LOVE). I was tempted to get the black as it is not available in the US but I fell in love with the brown, which can be purchased in the US from Niemans ONLY.
  7. That is so good to know. I guess tomorrow, I'll call the Gucci in SC and see if they're able to get their hands on any for me.

    I'm happy you got your 85th Anniversary Bag. I have a bag in the Guccissima leather and it's so nice.

    Congrats to you and enjoy!

  8. Please post pictures!!!!!! :nuts:
  9. Piperlu, please post pictures of your Guccissima bag!!! I love Guccissima!

  10. Are you talking about the one I already I? I did post them once but let me know and I can find the link for you.

    I haven't gotten the 85th yet but hope to really soon. I think I'll get it in black if possible. Although, I do love the Boston bag in Rusty.

    I know other people posted that there are wallets but I haven't seen or heard of any. Any ideas where I can get them from?