85th Anniversary green croc $17,000

  1. What do you guys think of this version of the medium boston bag in cactus green croc?


    Do you think this would be a good investment since it's part of the 85th Anniversary collection? I'm really not an exotic skin fan, so for that kind of $$$ I'd rather invest in a Hermes bag. What are your thoughts? PS - IF YOU DOUBLE CLICK ON THE PIC YOU WILL GET A CLOSE-UP.
  2. As much as I love Gucci, I would have to go with Hermes.
  3. Same here. I am new to Gucci (well I am so new that I do not have any but I am madly in love) but if I were to pay that much for a bag I would go with Hermes.
  4. $17,000 that's a crazy amount of money for a bag, much as I love designer bags
  5. If you LOVE the bag, that's one thing, but as an investment? No way. The Hermes would definitely have a better resale value, as there are more interested buyers out there.

    I have 3 observations:

    1) You are asking the question, first of all. This means you should be putting the $17k towards something else. let's face it, 99.5% of us fall into the 2nd category, and the rest don't ask the question
    2) It's still available. How many Kelly or Birkin bags do you see available at Hermes stores? Demand is much greater for those
    3) This is just my opinion, and I'm a HUGE Gucci lover, but the bag is really not all that great in the green crocodile.

    The same bag is available at Gucci online (85th anniversary as well) in a tan suede for $1600 or so (if memory serves me correctly). If you love the bag, my vote is to go for that one and put the other $15.4k into the market.
  6. I love Gucci, but I would probably pass on that bag.
  7. I appreciate your feedback. I was just throwing the question out there. I'm not interested in the bag since I'm not a big fan of exotic skins. I was just curious to hear what others had to say about it.
  8. I think the bag is beautiful and classic (especially being 85th anniversary edition bag), but for 17,000, I think it would be more timeless in a black or even a rich dark brown croc instead of the green.
  9. Good point.:yes:
  10. I actually like the design better than a Birkin or Kelly, but I'm not crazy about the color.
  11. :yes:
  12. If I were to spend that much, I would go with Hermes, but I doubt I ever will.
  13. What is the big hoopla about Hermes? Gucci has far more style. I am going to get an 85th anniversary bag but, not in that price point. If you have the cash I say go for it. It is out of my league but, if money was not a concern I would go with the handbag that pulls at your heart strings. Did you see the red anniversary bag posted by Goldensx5? Very nice and classy...that is the style I am thinking about getting. It is probably in the 2.5-3k range...I still have yet to price them. The horse bit the whole look screams style....good luck. I will check out the Herme bags to see what the hype is...is it the style or the name...I know that Ophra is into Herme....it may be so high end that it is not quite so popular and main stream.
  14. You'll be surprised to find that Hermes items are popular and very main stream. Go to some rich ladies closet and you'll find at least a Hermes item. The hype about birkins and kellys are its simplicity, quality leathers, price and personally made by a craftsmen. Now, you know why there's waiting list. Gucci bags too made from quality leathers but Hermes, you have different types of high quality leathers. Clemence, Fjord, Box, Togo, Porosus, Nicolitus, Ostrich, Swift and etc. It's the leather that attracts me in the first place. You have to feel the leather. :flowers:

    My advice: Go to Hermes store and look at the scarves, wallets, agendas, cashmere and the bags, learn about its history and etc, Hermes addiction will soon begin.

    [p.s. BTW, we don't care if Oprah is into Hermes too. It's just happen to be that she too loves hermes.]

  15. The price is quite too high for a bag. I would only spend that amount of money on Hermes.