$850 Juicy Couture Lady D Status Bag!

  1. [​IMG]Has anyone seen this bag IRL? It's so expensive! First Coach and now Juicy! Do you think it could be made in Italy? I know that some Juicy shoes are made in Italy and Saks does sometimes say a bag is "Imported" when it is actually made in Italy (for example, this MJ denim, which is def made in Italy); and I can't see any other reason why it would be so pricey, when the other bags seem to still exist in the less expensive range (although the G & P Status Bag is expensive as well)--perhaps the leather is extremely good? I will say that it looks very soft. If the bag is named after "Lady L" from Freaks and Geeks then I will love Juicy forever and ever more! although I won't recommend buying it for $850 if it is made in China
  2. Holy look at that piece of hardware on the front. I have not seen this bag IRL, but it might not be out on the shelves yet. I do NOT think any Juicy bag is worth $850 though.
  3. is this from their regular JC line or the Couture Couture line? I think JC is overhyped, although they did make very nice shirts way back in the 90's...w/o that gawful logo.
  4. ^^ i dont think there is anything other than one general juicy line.
  5. I think JC is *trying* to raise their "Status" by raising the price of their bags ...These bags are made by people who have little or no design background....this line started off for teeny boppers....the bags are pretty much copycats of bags that are coming out from other fashion houses...
  6. I read somewhere (I want to say probably Bazaar?) that they are starting a new, more expensive line called Couture Couture
  7. the couture coutre line is available on the neimanmarcus website. that bag is way overpriced. no matter where the materials come from etc, a bag that is made in china = ridiculous markup.
  8. basically. I just imagine anyone paying that for a Juicy bag :amazed: highway robbery is what that is :oh:
  9. I'm a little ashamed to say that I love the style :shame: I would consider the bag if it was $350 but not for $850!!

    $850 is just a tad bit ridiculous for JC
  10. The couture couture line has been out for awhile. It's a higher end version of Juicy Coutures mass market line.
  11. I think handbag prices in general are getting completely out of control. I've even seen plastic/vinyl Guess bags up in the triple digits!

    Crazy! :shocked:
  12. Leah411, I agree!
  13. $850 for a Juicy bag!! I never thought the day would come. :Push:
    And I already have a hard enough time digesting the $400 price tag of JC bags.
  14. I love the design of the bag, but would never pay that much for a Juicy!
  15. I saw this bag today. It was just ok. I think it looks better in the photo.