85%!!! Wow!

  1. I heard a recent stat that 85% of the LVs you see on the street are fake! Is that true? That is just shocking, but I suppose it's not too surprising.

  2. I believed it is true :smile:. Maybe not 85% but am sure more than 50%
  3. I heard it was 99%
  4. I think it's something like less than 1% of bags that bear the LV logo are real.

    Sad, but true.
  5. I am in Chicago for the holidays and have seen a ton of fakes
  6. Yeah this is closer to what I've heard. It's definitely higher than 85%.
  7. I saw one today in Napa ... kind of made me sad.
  8. Sad!!!!
  9. Ohh my...I thought there were fakes around but not that many !!!
  10. It seems that everywhere I go I see them. Not one or two but every corner I turn I see them. I think thats what kind of turned me off of the monogram. I'm not saying they're all fake but they are so common place that the fun and uniqueness of owning one is gone. Now, after reading this I wonder if they're all fakes. I never really "look" if you know what I mean. If anyone knows where I can find some info. on this I'd love to read about it.
  11. Not sure of the exact percentage, but yeah, there's quite a lot of them!
  12. I was at the mall today, I saw about 5 fakes and 5 real LV's. That was just one day of 50%. I can totally see it being much higher though.
  13. Just enjoy YOUR bags and the fact that they're real. Don't worry about fakes. I hate them too but I'm not going to let the fact that they exist spoil my love for LV.

    Anyway, I found this quote while looking around for more info on this. I'm not going to link the site because clicking the links it provides actually leads to a site that sells fake bags and I do NOT want to promote them...

    "In fact, counterfeiting is such a huge problem for the Louis Vuitton brand, it is estimated that almost 99 percent of the so-called Louis Vuitton purses currently owned by people around the world are NOT authentic. Compared to other high-end brands, Louis Vuitton items make up almost 20 percent of all imitation purses and accessories that are manufactured around the world each year."
  14. Wow...thats an astounding number. Just to think that most of the bags floating around here are fake is mind blowing. I guess I sometimes think people think like me....who the hell would waste their money on a fake? Also, I never really thought about people wondering if mine were fake. I swear it never even crossed my mind...but now it actually makes me laugh because they probably do think it's fake..ha:roflmfao:
  15. ^Lol seriously. I KNOW people have been staring at my MOCA Neverfull lately thinking it's fake but I don't care. :p