Feb 24, 2006
I've had a thing for LV for a few years now. I've got about seven bags, a couple of pieces of luggage, lots of accessories and a few pairs of shoes. Last year I was at LV in NY looking at the Theda MC. It was over £1000 and I just couldn't bring myself to spend that on just one bag even though I fell totally in love with it and the cash was sat there burning a hole in my pocket. :blink:

So my question is, what is the most you would realistically consider spending on one item.
I am also going to say the cost of Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags are exempt here as I think most gals in this forum would sell their souls for these babies.
i'd like to think i would never spend more than 1200 or so on a single bag. never say never though...five years ago i never thought i'd spend more than fifty bucks on one. :smile: like you said, the exception is a birkin/kelly, but even then i'd prefer to buy one on consignment. i like them a little broken in and loved. that and hubby might actually have a stroke if i dropped 10K on a bag.
Probably around the 1,500$ mark, it'd require a lot of serious thought though. And it would most likely be a once a year deal.. unless I'm rolling in the riches !
I really think it depends on the purse. Like I doubt I'd ever spend more than 2000ish on LV, but I would spend around 4,000 on Chanel. Birkins are just crazy! lol I guess my limit would 5,000. I'm happy, I'm stil lyoung and can lust for Birkins later. lol
I guess my limit is about $2000 at the moment, but I guess that if the perfect bag comes along I will try and save some money for it (or maybe ask my parents for a loan if it's a limited edition or something), but since I live in a country with very few designer butiques it's highly unlikely that I'll stumble upon a really pricy bag by 'accident'.
However, I do want a birkin one day, but it's not something that I think too much about now, maybe when I'm thirty or something.