80s kid... it's starting to make sense where my FOB obsesseion is coming from

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. OMG, I do remember after seeing the pic!
  3. Of course - but hadn't thought of them in years. That is too funny!
  4. Yes I do remember those. I think the new grown up woman version is the Pandora bead bracelets. Ha, ha.
  5. OMG I totally forgot about those! Awesome! Wow, what a throwback to my childhood. :girlsigh:
  6. OMG! Yes I loved mine! It was purple and and I had like a zillion charms!
  7. I TOTALLY had one and LOVED it! :love: Man does that ever bring back memories.. I want one! :P
  8. SO true!
  9. I know, I haven't thought of these since the 80s. I'm writing lesson plans and I am going to have the kids make each other bracelets with charms that describe the others personality. Then I remembered these! I wonder if I can still find them on the net.
  10. holy cow....i haven't seen those in a LONG time. oh the memories :cloud9:
  11. I'm not exactly an 80's kid (born in '82).. more of a 90's kid.. but I totally remember these and I did have some.. I totally forgot about them.
  12. I used to have tons of them.....I thought they went well with the leg warmers I wore everywhere.....:roflmfao:
  13. Oh yeah I collected those and keychains!
    Stopped for awhile, now Im collecting certain Coach keychains/charms!
  14. OMG! :nuts:

    i'm a 70s kid and i had those too! even in asia!
  15. wow, yeah, I totally remember those! I loved them.