80's Concert last night was brilliant!

  1. I just had to let you know that I went to an 80's concert last night in Brighton (South England) and it was absolutely fantastic.

    The artists were (sorry if they are not well known in the US):-

    Altered Images
    Limahl (of Kaggaggoo)
    Paul Young
    Go West
    Kim Wilde and
    Howard Jones

    Go West and Howard Jones were by far the best - they were soooo fab.

    I'd forgotten how much I loved their songs until last night. I must find the albums again.
  2. Wow sounds great ! How does Paul Young look ? My sister loved the song by Katchagoogoo... Too shy. :wlae:
  3. Thats' pretty cool. Was everyone wearing neon? LOL
  4. Awesome! I've actually recently gotten into 80's music a little bit.......I blame the movie, Music & Lyrics lol.
  5. That sounds like a fun show!!!

    Paul Young
    Howard Jones

    I've seen the above bands back in the 80's with the exception of ABC who I saw last year when they got back together. My only regret is that I never got to see Spandau Ballet - I had tiks for a CA concert back in the 80's but the group cancelled and I didn't even know it until I got to the venue!!

    I also love Duran Duran!! They were my very first concert ever!!!!
  6. WOW, I would have loved to see all of them:party: I still listen to most of them on my ipod and next month we are going to see an 80's rock fest.......
    Pretenders, ZZ top and Stray Cats. Not near as cool as your 80:jammin:'s concert though.
  7. Didn't that dreamy Paul Young sing "Everytime you go away"? I loved that song!
  8. "That is TOTALLY AWESOME":graucho: love, love, love the eighties and yes that Paul Young is well awesome now everybody "walk like an egyptian":wlae::wlae: