£800 purse/wallet!!

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  1. I just had a dip into the Mulberry website to see if they've brought out a purse (wallet) that would go with my pink Hanover.
    There's a lizard purse (wallet) on there for £795!!!!! :nuts: Who on earth would pay that - would any of you??
  2. No, no and hell no!!!!!
  3. Absolutely NOT! That's the price of a handbag.
  4. Exactly! It's not even anything special!
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! And I'm as daft as they come!!! No way would I get seduced into spending THAT much on something that small!! AND you stick it in your bag where hardly anyone ever gets to see the damn thing anyway,and after spending that much,I doubt even sa's at tills would see it as you'd be too damn skint to buy anything else!!!!!!
  6. Chaz, you are so right! I'd have the purse & never have any money to put in it at that price!!
    In the summer I quite often use Cath Kidston's little zippy PVC pouches as a purse that cost about a tenner!
  7. I think my Dh would pass out if he heard the price. He asked me how much a bag costs, Was it around 400 euros?........he couldn't believe it when I said 400 sterling was way off the mark!

  8. Mine honestly thought it was poss to buy a Mulberry for about £50 until I went to New York with him & bought a $900 bag in Bergdorf's! It was fun at the time but, boy what a mistake, as it's now wised him up. I can't get away with the old 'oh this new bag, it was only £50!' any more!!
  9. You're so right. I should never have told him!
  10. A budget version:P? A purse made of a real frog, totally hideous:throwup:! Less than £5, a real bargain:yahoo:... (Dont miss the zipper pull on his bottom.) Poor frog, it´s cruel even to come up with the idea:crybaby:.

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  11. :yucky:^^^^ Ooooh , that literally made my skin crawl!!! Be curious to see what Tara says about this one (remember the rats?). I wonder if these are for sale is Louisiana? Junst wondering because they eat a lot of frog legs.:wtf::wtf::nuts::throwup:
  12. The frog is gross!!!

    and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! way would i spend that much on a wallet!!!
  13. Glad to see we are all such sensible girls!
    That frog is foul - yuk, yuk & yuk. Who on earth would want to pull that out of their handbag with a flourish?!

  14. Not unless you were a taxidermist! hehe:s:s:s
  15. Oh, don't get me started on people who like displaying dead stuffed animals in their house.
    Whenever I see a stag's head with antlers on a wall I always want to pop into the room next door to see if there's a massive stag's arse on that side!