£800 Paddy, is it worthit?

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  1. Hey all, I am a newbie to the Chloe section, I was a Chanel girl, but I got tired of the crazy price increases and poor quality. Also, I am only 21 and wanted more fashionable, trendy bags to add to my collection. I always wanted a Paddy, but have always been worried it would be out of fashion. So I wanted to know is it worth me saving for or not?
  2. :yes: Definitely worth it! Paddington has become a classic!
  3. Its a great time to become interested in Paddys actually as prices for slightly used paddys are now great.

    As a first bag, I would look on Ebay or the MP (if you are a member), as you could pick up a really good one for around 500 pounds, and then see if you love them (I am sure you will ;) )

    Just remember to get them authenticated in the auth chloe thread and you will be fine
  4. I think paddys are such a lovely bag that they will still look good after the 'fashion hype' dies down. The quality of the leather is fab and they style is soooo pretty. I don't think any bag is really worth £800 but my I think you'll get the wear out of a paddington. Especially if you get a neutral colour (eg, black, brown, cream etc)

    I love mine and can't ever imagine regretting buying it or wanting to sell it on.
  5. Is £500 better? luisaviaroma are having a sale on Chloe bags, 30% off. They have Paddys in white, maise and Roche. If you look on the Chloe Shopping sub forum theres a link.

  6. Plus NAP sometimes has them on sale, I got my red Paddie in the winter for sale for £450ish
  7. Hi Net a porter and selfridges will have them in the sale, you could wait until then and get it for around half price, I got Tan and Blue that way and saved a fortune!
  8. NAP sale usually happens towards the end of June :smile:
  9. it's worth it as long as you like it. =)
  10. Thanks but I dont like buying online. I think I may wait till the Selfridges sale and hope it goes on sale - I did not see any in the December sale, here is hoping
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