$80 GUCCI sunglasses @ TJMaxx PIC*

  1. It was really hectic!! :sweatdrop: Plus the rain doesn't help any!
    Here's quick pics (OMG I need a serious facial, AUUGHH, my pores!!!)
    They had 2 Guccis($80) in black and 3 Juicy($50) ones left
    Green polka dotted Dooneys
    Movado women's watch in the classic gold and black design for $260
    Lodis wallets in red for $50
    Coach agendas for $60
    Coach and Dooney luggage tags in leather for $50
    Marc Jacobs splashes in Lavender for $20 --I was gonna get one but they were all tested and not full..darn..


  2. I love them !
  3. which tj maxx?
  4. In Walnut, CA:p
  5. WOW those are gorgeous!! Im going to have to go check out mine!
  6. They look so cute!
  7. I have those! I bought them at the Nordstroms sale like 4 months ago for 120.00 and gucci has them for I think 275 or 300! great deal girl!
  8. wow...my marshalls had those guccis,all the ones you mentioned plus valentino,escada,and juicy...yes they were great buys.
  9. Great score! I love seeing other members' awesome deals. As much as we love our bags and other goodies even when they're not on sale, there's still a special feeling that comes with having gotten a bargain!
  10. I got those at the Sak's outlet for 79.99 30% off except for mine have like silverish background not gold. Love them! Congrats!
  11. ahhh!

    i used to find the best sunglasses at tjmaxx, but then i quit going! guess i'll have to start checking it out again!

    yours are gorgeous! congrats!
  12. anyone notice tj maxx raised the price on designer sunglasses? I used to buy gucci all the time there for $39-49 regular price and armani, coach, etc. But now they are selling them for $79 :tdown: Still better than retail but no as good as it used to be!
  13. Wow! That's a crazy deal! Congrats!

  14. I live in Orlando too! Which Marshalls did you find these at? TIA!