$80 for my YSL Large downtown??

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  1. I feel your pain!! I had the same problem with trying to sell my Louis Vuitton Abbesses and Neverfull..they weren't going to give me half of what I got them for:nono:
  2. #17 Aug 27, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2012
    I've taken three bags into Fashionfile, in Beverly Hills, and they have sold them and in a decent amount of time and for a decent amount.

    I have also mailed two bags to www.yoogiscloset.com. They're up in Seattle and they paid for the postage. They sold my LV, Jasmin,Epi bag before it even hit the webpage and I had my money. The other Epi bag was a Dhanura which is no longer made. It was a small, moon-shaped, shoulder bag with double handles. Yoogis has one on its webpage at present. It was made in two sizes. It took a bit over a month to sell.
  3. ebay for sure ....depends where u live kijiji as well..
  4. This summer I purchased a large ivory Downtown from an on-line reseller. I think we both made out in a decent manner, decent on their end as I paid alot more than $80.00; and decent on my end as it appeared to have been used rarely, new scent and all - so perfect I was afraid when I carried it - once.

    $ 80.00 is a shameful offer.
  5. Thats ridiculous! I would rather keep it if I were you. Or give it to siblings/relative during some big events (ie: graduation)
  6. Was there an update on this? Perhaps the bag has been sold for a wonderful and fair price.
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