$80 for my YSL Large downtown??

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  1. Dear friends,

    I just couldn't keep it to myself. I need to :rant:
    I have been clearing my closet to get rid of some of my unused stuff. I have 3 designer bags and some Hermes scarves that need to go. Among them is my white YSL downtown that has been in my closet for all these years. For my convenience, I contacted one of the local consignment shops. After sending information and pictures, I told them I want to do direct sell. I was bummed when they told me they would give me $80 for my new, unused YSL bag. I thought I heard wrong. But...no....$80 it's all I get:cry: I felt they really took advantage of me.
    Previously, I contacted some online consignments and their offers were in the same price range. I'm considering it but quite nervous all the same...dealing online. I thought doing business locally would be more convenient and I was willing to let my bag go for a lesser price just because of it. Apparently, I was wrong. I wonder why this local store got impressive yelp reviews regarding having good selections and even great place to sell your bags:sad:

    If anyone has good experience with any online consignment shops and won't mind sharing , please let me know.

  2. Yeah, that doesn't seem worth it. You'll definitely do way better selling it yourself, especially for a unused bag. Good luck with whatever you opt to do!
  3. That's ridiculous. As tables said, you are better off selling it yourself or perhaps just keeping it.

    Have you considered ebay?
  4. I did more than once. I should start from selling something cheaper and build my credential from there I think. What did you do with your unused bags?
  5. Very true. Any hardcore purse feign usually skips over a seller with little feedback, especially in a selling capacity.

    I try to use all of them at some point during the year but I have many and I go by seasons as well.

    If I am not feeling it anymore I sell it on the bay.
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    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
    really, $80.00 was all an online pre owned source would offer you? Was this an offer to buy the bag directly from you? I have no idea what they % they charge to consign, but the Fashionphile site has downtowns bags in 'good' condition listed for more than 600.00..... And one of them is missing a foot (whatever they are called when referring to one) :amazed:
  7. For sure you have nothing to loose by trying sell on eBay. What could happen? I would rather loose 80$ for a lesson with eBay (which is not so bad at all) than just let it go for 80$ with second hand store.
    I mainly buy on eBay, but sold few high end bags each was more that 1k. Also, my best purchases was from seller with a very low FB.
    Try, you never know and never will know till you try. Good luck!
  8. I will try...probably start from my scarf collection. I think everyone has to start at some point and I guess there must be some ebay buyer who is willing to give a new seller a chance.
    I myself never bought anything expensive (more than $500) from low or zero FB sellers. But all new sellers with whom I dealt in the past always went an extra mile to make me happy with my purchases. I was very impressed (eg. nice/creative wrappers with personal thank you messages, waived my shipping fees or even upgrade my shipping choice). I couldn't give them enough glowing FB they deserved.
  9. It is what I do when I sell. Again, I sold just few items, but my first item was BNWT Chanel bag. I know it was crazy! I always pack supper nice, special bow, paper, thank you note.
    Good luck again!
  10. This sounds crazy for a new, unused YSL Downtown bag, now is a good time to sell a white bag (summer), I think you'd get more than $80 in an auction style format on e-bay. I've seen them go for $499 and up, and some were used.
  11. this is plain rediculous, they will sell it for much more for certain.....try Portero, Malleries, Fashionpile
  12. that seems crazy. $80.00. I find that hard to believe. try some other consignment shops. Or ebay.
  13. ive seen couple on ebay selling for $500 ++
  14. You should try bag borrow or steal! I just sold a botkier bag for $80 fo them that I originally bought for about $300!
  15. just sell in ebay....
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