8 Years of Wedded Bliss Got Me This *REVEAL*

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  1. Anyone around on a Friday night for a reveal of my anniversary gifts?? My 8th wedding anniversary is later this month and I got to pick out some goodies. This will be my first attempt at a "teaser" type reveal, so bear with me :P

  2. I'm here!!

    I wanna see and early Happy Anniversary to you!!!!
  3. Thank you for joining me Carol! Here we go!

  4. Let's see!
  5. Ooooh my fav part is the mystery inside the dusters! Keep 'em comin'!
  6. Here's a sneak peek of the smaller package. Any guesses from this teeny tiny tag

  7. Chelsea Patent Clutch in Wine?
  8. Is it a chelsea clutch??
  9. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess the black woven Sophia as the larger package.
  10. Damn you are good Donna!! Yes, it is the Chelsea clutch in wine. I love the color and I have become very fond of clutches lately. Been using them more than wristlets since they hold a bit more.


    Lovely pink inside. Kind of bummed it doesn't have the credit card slots like my python Kristin clutch, but she's still a keeper!


    Nice zippered compartment on the back

  11. Prettttyyy! I always love those little zippered compartments at the back of the bag! Very handy!
  12. Beautiful!! Good things do come in small packages!
    Can't wait to see the big one!
  13. Me thinks is something from your wish list...like the black woven Sophia...
  14. Now, for the main event. Here's a hint. I'm sure it's not too obvious :P

  15. Not obvious at all...gotta be on the wishlist hehe! She's suffocating! Can't wait to see her! :graucho: