8+ weeks for a LV repair.. getting impatient

  1. I was wondering how long repairs usually take, for those of you who've had repairs done on your LV purses. I turned my Hudson in for repair before the 1 year old mark, as one of the buckles on the straps was tarnishing badly and leaving a black stain on the vachetta leather beneath it. I felt that it was really a manufacturer's defect, as I could feel w/my nail that the prong of the buckle was rough, hence scratching the brass away on the buckle roll. The 2 other buckles did not wear like that at all. Well it's been over 8 wks now, and each time I call and ask about my bag and it's status, I just get a generic, "oh, it's still not in. we'll check on it for you." At what point do I start to get nervous and demand that they look into the matter? I feel like the SA's are just trying to get rid of me. Any advice?
  2. Hmm. I never had a repair done. I would imagine it would take 12 weeks. I worked at a high end shoe retailer before and we would take in repairs but, send them out and they took about 12 weeks.
  3. I have two bags in for repair (speedy--new tabs--my fault, and a saleya because of a discolored zipper pull after only 2 months). It has been 8 weeks on the speedy and about 6 on the saleya. They told me 6-8 weeks, so I am also growing impatient!!
  4. Hey ck21, how did you get a discolored zipper pull on the saleya?
  5. I'm not sure, I think it came that way and slowly became more noticeable. I got it from elux and the area where the plastic was not around the zipper was not nearly as shiny. It wasn't too noticeable at first, but that un-shiny area became more matte and the difference between that and the shiny area really started to bug me....

    It kind of looked smudged, like there was a dirty fingerprint on it, but no amount of polishing could fix it.

    I'm missing my saleya and want it back!!
  6. when i got my ipod case and wallet initialed, they promissed it would be done in a week and they would call me, i never got a call and about 1 1/2 weeks later i went to the shop, they then said they were still doing it and it would be 1/2 an hour longer, (i knew they haddent started it and were taking the 1/2 hour to do them.) i complained i was polite about it, and worst of all i was really unhappy wiht the initialling which i also complained about gosh i must have sounded so rude, DO IT DO IT NOW!!!!.... OMG YOU DID IT ITS SO UGLY. CAN YOU DO IT AGAIN?
  7. It took them 7 weeks to repair a bag for me...
  8. Good to hear that 8 weeks is not unsual. I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome of this situation.
  9. What is the date code on the Hudson? Did you know that the buckles were defective on bags made before Oct/Nov of 2005?
    My Hudson was purchased in mid Oct 2005 with a date code of 8/2005. One of the buckets came apart. I returned it January of 2006 and was told that it was a design flaw & that the new Hudson/Manhattan bags have different buckles. At first they took my bag and said they were going to order new buckles and replace them. This was supposed to take 10 days. After two weeks I called and they said they still didn't get the replacement buckles, so they sent me a new bag.
    They also said they would have given me a new bag the day that I came in but they were out of stock.
    How old is your bag? Maybe you should ask for a new one.
  10. Try to hang in there!! I had a Gucci that i wanted to repair, but i couldn't part with it for 8 weeks!
  11. BAGLADY14,
    That's very interesting to find out. My bag was purchased in 4/05. My buckle didn't fall apart though, it just tarnished away on one strip where the prong of the buckle lies on the roller bar. I wonder if all SA's in LV boutiques know about this, at least the instore repair specialist. You'd think they'd giva me a replacment bag if they did know. They never menitoned anything about this, even though I've been harping on them in the past two weeks. I'll have to really start pressing them for answers come Monday when I'm supposed to get a call from the repair specialist, as he's not there til then. I really feel like they're just trying to buy time. Thanks so much for your info. How did you find this out? Which store?
  12. On the same night that I brought in my Hudson, I ended up getting a denim bag and the SA told me that she has a Manhattan PM and her buckles broke, too and she had to have them replaced. She also told me that they had been getting quite a few returns for the same reason (all Manhattan collection). The brass bar that the pushlocks go through falls off. They become 'unthreaded' after frequent use. They changed the design so this doesn't happen any more. I was a little disappointed that they didn't offer me a new bag when I first came in (instead of it being an afterthought since they didn't have any replacement buckles). It was less than three months old.
    I've had no problems with the replacement bag.
    You should call them and ask what the hold up is. Some work is done 'in house' . Boutiques have a repair shop in the back of the store. If your bag is being repaired in-house vs. shipped back to France, etc. you have a better chance of getting a new one if you complain a little.
    (you know, the squeaky wheel)
  13. PS - the Boston store at Copley Place
  14. Thanks again for the info. Wow, I hardly ever use those front buckles. I wonder it mine would also fall apart after more use. Given this info, I wonder what I should do. Should I mention this info to my sales guy on Monday and ask them to call the Boston store to verify this defect? What would you guys do? It's a hefty price to pay for a bag that was made defectively. You'd think they'd have a recall or something, especially if they know that this is a problem.
  15. Boxy,
    That's a good question. If you don't use the buckles they probably won't every break - but - what about if you wanted to sell the bag someday - what about resale value?
    I would think since this is a known condition they would recall them - but I think a lot of people don't use the buckles, especially on the Hudson. Those pockets are small and don't hold much. I keep my keys on one side and a small compact on the other. They are even too small to hold a cellphone, which is what I thought I would be using one for.
    I'm sure a lot of women who own these bags don't use the pockets, either.
    It is a known problem. When I was getting my Baggy PM, I asked about the potential for those buckles to break, too. The buckles are a lot smaller than the Manhattan/Hudson buckles, but they work the same. They told me that those buckles don't have the unthreading problem.
    The SA also mentioned that she wasn't the only one who works in this store to have her buckles replaced.

    Also, only one of the buckles broke on my bag, but they were to replace both of them. They said they 'routinely' replace both because the same thing is likely to happen to the other buckle, anyway.

    There is an old thread from January, where I posted this whole store. I'll see if I can find it.