8-knot tote anywhere?

  1. I am looking for this bag in black. Anyone seen this? Thanks.
  2. Bagchic1 has a post saying she is returning a black one to Saks. Send her a pm and find out the details.
  3. I just returned grey one yesterday at NM in BH with Michael. Good luck!
  4. did you find one? i'm looking for one too. do you know the current price for it? thanks.
  5. There is also one for sale on eBay from personalshoppers.
  6. rgirl? Why did you return the bag and how much was it?
  7. i don't think you can get it anymore. i tried but they are all sent off. if you do let me know too... good luck.
  8. one of each, yes i returned the bag and it was $1200. it was beautiful leather but i couldn't wear it over the shoulder.
  9. there are several on @bay....that place we love to hate...but they seem to be in abundance...maybe at a good price?
  10. bloomingdales chestnut hill has 1 left... 617.630.6723