8 Days Cape Cod Watch

  1. Have you seen this watch? There is one with white gold, and one with platinum. Any reviews on this would be much, much appreciated. :smile:
  2. Actually I have had it on my wrist before because someone in my firm has one in a platinum version. It a bit weird because there is only one hour hand and the minutes will be displayed on the dial (rather like the date on the Rolex). I can't remember the exact details but I have been discussing it with my watchnut colleague. He said that the movement is by Vaucher Fleurier who was associated and probably still makes the movement for Parmigiani Fleurier which are rather good.

    It's rather big though because it's men's size and if I were you I would spend the money elsewhere; it's $25,000 for the white gold version and $40,000 for the platinum version. I've got to go now because the market starts at 8.00am but in short I would rather find another $9,000 for a Patek Philippe Grande Complication (3878J)!
  3. Correction: The hand is to show the minutes and the dial (like the date dial on Rolex) shows the hour - that's why it's called Jumping Hours (stupid mistake :push:!). If you are still keen on it, I would like to add/warn you against the platinum version because it's very heavy, much heavier than all steel watches like Patek Twenty~4 or Rolex Submariner for men!

    EDIT: another thing supposedly I've been told by my watchnut colleague that this Cape Cod is an 79th anniversary commemoration piece (so Cape Cod began in 1928). Don't know whether that is true or not though.
  4. As far as watches are concerned, I wouldn't spend that money for a Hermès watch. I adore watches, but I would only buy watchmakers watches, KWIM? I got a Patek Philippe for Christmas, and it perfection...
  5. ^Totally w/ you there Duna. I only go for watchmaker watches. Patek, Audemars etc.

    Btw what Patek did the DH get you for Christmas? Was it the annual calender, which is a stunner of a watch?
  6. It's great to hear a 'balanced' view of this. Thanks ladies. I'd wondered if anyone would part with $20K ~$40K for a H watch that is not of watchmakers' calibre. I mean, how do you justify such a purchase. It's a very masculine watch, more suited for men.

    I have a friend who is a serious watch collector, and is on the VVIP list for special and limited issues, of all high-end watch brands. And he travels around the world to get them. He once tried to educate me that there are those few tested watchmakers brands, and every wealthy person will part with hundreds of thousands to get their hands on these limited, serial numbered pieces.

    There is now a new category of young (read: not old-money) watch collectors who, in his words "invest in the future". They take their bets on very well-made but virtually unknown (and usually unpronouceable) brands, and hope/wait for it to hit stardom in the long term. So, the watchmakers watches of today might look quite different from the watchmakers of tomorrow i.e. more brands in this category. Right now, I think there are 5 main watchmakers watches that people covet. I, in this little corner ... am counting my beans to get a Breguet :graucho:
  7. I totally agree with Bee bee, Duna, Wongnumber and Mrssparkles.
    I was in my H store yesterday and the SAs were trying to coax me to get their watches. They tried too hard pushing. People with limited funds like me have to be carefully with my purchases. I wouldn't spend on a H watch if I can get another from a watchmaker.

    I explained to them that I prefer watchmakers watches and they ask if I mean Casio!?:sweatdrop:

    Sometimes I really do not understand them. They are working at a top of the cream boutique and they should more or less learn about other products too.
  8. The annual calender is gorgeous; mine is the Travel Time in yellow gold.....
  9. Oooh, the Travel Time is VERY nice too. :love:

    Your DH has good taste. (But you must already know that, since he married you, LOL.)
  10. Whilst we are here on the subject of watches, I want to know which Patek watches do you ladies have? Spill it out! I'll show my puny collection:

    White gold 3940G Annual Calendar as wongnumber mentioned ;). I want a perpetual calendar Grand Complication but Patek decided that members of the fairer sex don't care for such a watch and they don't make any :shrugs: so I just gave up and went for a Van Cleef and Arpels Lady Arpels Centenaire instead:


    Twenty~4 in steel:


    Pics from my old posts.

    To be honest, this 8 day Cape Cod is actually not that lousy and Vaucher Fleurier is definitely a 'proper' watchmaker and anyone making an 8 day power reserve would have to be in the top (or second top) tier.

    You would be surprised that lots of people (in London financial district anyway) are willing to shell out $40,000 for a relatively no-name ones like Hermès and Franck Muller (other names include F.P. Journe although apparently the quality is up to Audermars Piguet/Vacheron Constantin standard) including my colleague who just had too much money around and decided to buy a 'bashing' watch (his standard watch is a gold Breguet 5117 enamel dial but he has been seen with $300,000 platinum Patek 5078P enamel minute repeater before! :sweatdrop:). In fact I cannot believe what I've heard when I went to the Patek salon (i.e. shop owned by Patek itself of which there are only 3 in the world) on Thursday to enquire about a 3939G tourbillon minute repeater (I want to beat my colleague on this though with his bonus this year he is probably now going for a 5002J Sky Moon Tourbillon, LOL), they say that I am 6th person down the list and it would be at least 3 years before I can get one!

    P.S. Sorry about the weird numbers but when you talk about Patek you sort of have to talk in numbers!
  11. My previous post is late, LOL. Which travel time is it but in any case any travel time is gorgeous, LOL!
  12. This is it ! Ref 4864

  13. Mrs Bee & duna .... your Patek's are completely droolworthy!!!! :drool: :drool: I've only one Patek in my collection and that's the Twenty4 in steel, with a black face.