8 CC slots French purse interior!

  1. ohhhh maybe she can't count???

    That's a lovely wallet in azur line!! It'd look great with a matching azur bag...but i couldn't think of what other lines i can put that wallet in so didn't get it since i have a mono bag.
  2. I always doubt the legitimacy of such auctions, whenever the sellers make such blunders. Real LV re-sellers would know their merchandise very well, so I assume it's a hacked account, or stolen listing, pictures etc.
  3. love the wallet.

  4. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see someone using this badboy!
  5. I'm so glad they started adding more CC slots! This is my fave LV wallet of all time.
  6. I would buy that wallet for the first lady that could wear it!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. Thanks for sharing. I checked out mono French purse on Friday and they didn't have the 8 cc ones in yet.
  8. oooh yeah I love this wallet
  9. I saw this wallet yesterday and its great! The SA said the Epi may also come out with the fp with 8 cc slots.
  10. Is this truly correct, does the new azur french purse have 8 c/c slots?

    Anyone have this wallet ?
  11. will vernis FP have 8 cc slots too?
  12. The french purse is my favorite wallet as well.
  13. i think a fellow tpfer has this wallet!! I'm sure it's 8 cc slots too!
  14. i wish they ALL would start coming out with 8 slots! much better for use!