8 Bbags vs 1 Birkin?

  1. Say you only have enough money for EITHER 8 Balenciagas in a range of lush colours, or, 1 holy grail timeless elegant Hermes Birkin.
    Which do you choose?
  2. I feel that comparing two different types of bags like Balenciaga and Hermes is like comparing apples to oranges. That being said I would go for the Birkin. Quality beats quantity every time.
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    It's a strange comparison given the vast difference in styles and vibe, but I take the gist it as: one very expensive bag vs. being able to have a multiple-bag collection of whatever brand. Setting aside entirely the question of quality, which is largely subjective (complaints can be heard about any and all brands): Are you in fact a one-bag person? Are you not tempted by different ideas and looks over time? I would never want to be in that situation.
  4. I'm with others, it's a strange comparison as the styles are so different.

    For instance, I would feel silly walking around with a Birkin since it's so far removed from my casual life. Most days I work from home, and the days I go in for meetings and such, a Birkin would be an overkill.

    But if it's your HG, then get it. Just be sure to use it and not just stare at it.
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    Definitely the Bals. I'm not an H person just as there are many other brands I haven't taken to yet. It's just not my style or taste no matter whether I can afford them or not.

    I love Bal and PS at the moment and have for a long time so it's not a choice I'd have to think too hard on as H doesn't really spark anything in me. A little gorgeous something Chanel Reissue might edge its way in there though :yes:
    I'm guessing you'd choose the Bals as well, Holly? We're both lost in Smoshland it seems :lol:
  6. i'd get the 8 bals, not b/c they're bals, but because it would offer variety. one birkin can't be carried to every single solitary event every single day, but you could mix/match the 8 bags. even if you get 1 birkin you'd still need other bags, so it might be an HG bag, but it would never be the *last* bag anyway. i would sell 8 bals to help fund a birkin though, if that makes sense
  7. I would rather have one bag I loved versus 8 bags I was meh over. So if the birkin is your love, I'd go for that.
    My aesthetic sense is similar to SomethingGoodCanWork though, I prefer bals to birkins.
  8. Bals for sure. Hermes is iconic, but not my thing.
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  9. Smoshland :lol::lol::lol: !!!!
  10. I prefer H as you can see in my avatar :lol: so Birkin it is for me. I do have a Bal though which I love.
  11. A good one, yes :biggrin: but I can't take the credit for it. It was hellooholly who started this thread who used it in another post. Here #5008
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    I have serious Bal and PS tunnel vision which excludes a lot of probably very lovely bags for me. But I like that we can all have different tastes on this forum and still be pleasant about it. Although I have to confess I do enjoy a bit of silly banter sometimes and find this hard to hold back when say for example the bag discussions turn to designer fanny bags aka bum bags aka belly bags :shocked: :lol:

    But I also enjoy the reverse, like the thread where TPF:ers reveal what bag brands they'd NEVER buy/wear and I like to marvel at how inexplicably many do not appreciate the gorgeousness that is a Bal City :whut: :lol: It makes me feel I've got remarkably exquisite and refined tastes :biggrin:
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  13. I'd get the Bals. I can't have just one bag, even if it is a birkin. Plus, Balenciaga is such an iconic brand.
  14. Yep I think that sums it up for me. I can't afford both but I'm so in love with smushy lush coloured bals and having the variety that I couldn't settle for just one birkin even though that is lovely leather, plus my outfit style is so casual and colourful that a birkin wouldn't match.
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  15. Balenciaga because if I had a Hermes bag, I would be too worried to take it out of the house (or even out of the dust bag for that matter). I am extremely careful with my bags but some things can't be helped (such as accidental color transfer or unexpected poor weather).
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