$8,950.00 Gryson Handbag!

  1. They have a 25% off code though! :p
  2. A typo????
  3. Totally thinking typo... or else it will pop up in their sale section at 80% off!!! WOW what a deal that would look like to the unknowing customer!
  4. I got a steal, I bought that bag at Neiman on Last call for 260.
  5. Heehee...I saw that too. I kept looking through the description for the part that said "made out of pure gold"!!:rolleyes:
  6. it has to be a typo!
  7. my local weather station has us set for 323 degree weather tomorrow. i'm pretty sure that's a typo as well :greengrin:
  8. I was looking for a diamond clasp or alligator skin or something, but I have to agree that it's a typo. Someone was asleep at the wheel!
  9. For all our sakes, I hope so!!! LOL!!!
  10. That's cute dolly,.....I love your way of thinking!!! LOL!!!
  11. Me Too!! I read the darned description over and over again thinking that surely I was missing something!!
  12. That must be a mistake- or is that the running price for a bag w/ no flaws? LOL
  13. omg that's something I expect to see on NM's website, not on Revolve :p

  14. OMG!! I meant to say 'I hope NOT'!!!!Sorry!