8-9 year olds-now I heard everything.

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  1. So school has started and I am shocked or totally out of the loop with what I have seen: Now mind you these are on the 8-9 year old girls.....

    1) spray tan or tan from a bottle???? WHY????

    2) Blond highlights on more than one child....maybe not too strange since the boys have done it in the past at this age.

    3) makeup--usually eye and lip gloss. The lip gloss I can say OK to.

    4)shaving legs with a few little cheerleaders who now make fun of the other girls so now the other girls think there is something wrong with them.

    5) Dress code has been really cute, the girls looks so pretty and hip but some are really mean to others. I am just so shocked at what they can say to each other.

    6) I could swear one girl has fake nails but she is doing the mall beauty pagent thing so maybe this is normal for that crowd.

    So is this happening in other places??????
    What do mothers think????:confused1:
  2. Two words for my two girls at that age (who are 3 and 5 now) ... NO WAY! Plenty of time to grow up later.
  3. I've seen little girls running around in high heeled boots and plastered with makeup. They looked about 12 so I presume they're even younger and just wanted to look more grown up.

    I have two younger sisters who are 10, and I say absolutely no way to any makeup whatsoever (except lipgloss) until they're a bit older. Seriously, what is the point at this age?
  4. Wow...so scary.
  5. yikes! Our society! Sad!
  6. Why do the mothers allows this?

    This is not good for our young girls, plus they might be getting attention from older men, scary!
  7. Whatever happened to kids being kids... I always thought I was pretty and feminine as a little girl, but I didn't start shaving my legs and wearing makeup till I hit puberty!
  8. They're growing up too fast, it's scary. I'm sooooo glad I have boys!
  9. my little sister-in-law is 11 and she just started shaving her legs... I couldnt imagine her with fake nails, spray tan, and makeup (other then playing in makeup)
  10. I personally feel it is beyone tacky for the mothers to put Juicy clothing on their young daughters with sayings on their butt. To me this is not right (please don't bash because I hate it) but so many mothers allow that brand and are quite proud to pay the money for it so we all have a opinion on what we feel comfortable doing. A cheerleading group in another town wanted the little girls shorts (age5-6) to have something written on the butts but a father complained and they decided against it. My friend in Florida shaved her daughters legs once in the start of the summer (3 girls) due to their many bandaids being ripped on and off--they were tomboys and this did not bother me at all because to me it made sense why she did it. My daughter and her friends do play with eyeshadow and lip gloss but they are not begging to wear it--pretend play in the house is OK. With a spray tan or do it yourself tan I wonder what the chemicals can do to a young skin.
  11. I couldn't agree more. I don't think ANYTHING should be written across ANYONE'S butt! I remember there were jeans with "bootylicious" written on them and I would see tweens with them on. Then the whole "JUICY" on the butt. Now VS has "PINK" on the butt. I do blame the parents for thinking this is cute and buying the items for the little girls to wear.

    Don't get me started on spray tanning and makeup for CHILDREN!! I saw that show Sunset Tan and I was horrified when a mother (who was a hot mess herself) brought in about 6 little girls and wanted them all spray tanned for some competition. They all came out looking like Tang. Plus some of the little girls looked like they had teeth whitening and extensions! Sick!

    As far as shaving the legs, I don't remember what age I started. I would imagine girls at 8 or 9 don't need to or am I wrong? I know girls are developing earlier today, but kids just need to be kids.
  12. My one friend works in a upscale dept. store in the childrens section and everytime she has to help the mom with buying her little kid the Juicy clothing with the words on the butt she says she feel like hitting the parent.... It drives her nuts but she says they are one of the best sellers. Juicy was big in Florida and California and sometimes by the beach you see kids in it but I never liked it. Give me Lilly Pulitzer girls clothing any day.
  13. I've seen it and it is a shame, parents are allowing their kids to grow up way too fast. My daughter will be 12 next month and she can forget about makeup and sexy clothing. My cousins daughter who is 14 told my daughter that she should have her eyebrows waxed. My cousin allows this girl to dress way older than her age which is why the girl thinks she is 18 as it is.
  14. I have a son that is in 3rd grade and I haven't really noticed the girls yet...school has just started, so I really haven't had the opportunity to go into his class room. However, I have a daughter that is 4 and I find it hard to find age appropriate clothing for her! I can only imagine what it is like to try to find clothing for older girls. My sister-in-law and I always joke that we will be dressing our daughters in Peter Pan collared shirts until high school.:tup:
  15. I have a 9 year old dd and it's amazing at what some of them come to school in. I also have a dd that just started Middle School and I have to say I was even more apalled at what I saw there. Boobs hanging out everywhere...boys with their underwear hanging out the top of their pants and skirts that were so short I was afraid to even breath next to them. Luckily my dd has NO desire to dress like this and even makes comments on how inappropriate it is.

    Why can't parents let kids be kids? =(