7th on Sale

  1. Has anyone been to this in NYC? The tickets are $20. Is it worth it? Articles in NY Magazine and Vogue said they'd have great stuff.
  2. The goods were also in Vogue and NY Magazine. I'm just wondering for $20 if there are still lines and what kind of stuff is actually on the floor.

  3. i went friday for the 4pm - 6pm slot. the lines were huge. i got there at 3:45 pm and did not get in until 4:30.

    1 - BEWARE If you bring a purse you have to check it in. My wife did check her chanel bag , but took her wallet with her. no one seemed to have any problems but they should have let people known in advance.

    2- there were various sections. a kids area, a handbag area, a sunglass area, a gown area, etc. by the time we got in there was still a decent amount of things in there, but the ones who got in first had the best shot of getting things. We did end up with a kate spade carryon luggage for $209 that klists for 700, a couple of pairs of sunglasses for 70 and 80 that were originally close to $300 (prada and gucci).

    basically , you had to go through things quickly and take what you thought you'd like and then decide whether to keep it.

    At 5-45 they told people they were closing at 6pm.

    Overall I thought it wasn't worth the trip as there are so many great sample sales going on in nyc.

    the best deal i saw was a devi kroell $2000 purse marked down to $400

    They are going to re stock between each time.
  4. I went too yesterday. I stood in the line for just under an hour and it was freezing. I didn't think it was worth it either. The best goods are purchased the evening before at the gala event. The gala is invitation only to fashion insiders, which I think is a bit unfair as I am sure they can get good deals all of the time.

    The best deal I saw was a Pierre Hardy purse in white leather with black trim for $374. The other highlight was that Zac Posen was a seller on the floor. They have different fashion designers as sellers throughout the sale.
  5. Are items organized by brand?
  6. No, by category - handbags, home, women's eveningware, etc. Good luck if you are going!