7th on Sale Black Tie Gala Dinner *pics*

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Wow, lots of wierd outfits.... Personally I think that Elle MacPherson looks the best. Love Dita's dress too.
  4. What is the Olsen girl wearing?:wtf:
  5. Wow, Dita never fails to impression! That's gorgeous!!
  6. wow, great pics!!!
    kate and liv dress almost the same style but in oposite colour LOL but kate totally wear it better!
    dita as always, always dressed like a princess :P
  7. Nice pics........That big poof-y white dress and those shoes the O-twin has on is just a little strange.
  8. cool pics. Kate B. looks like she is slimming down again....
  9. Kate, Dita, and Liv look great. Iman needs a bra. Eve looks out of place. Its like she was summer on the top, winter on the bottom.
  10. one of the olsen twins cracked me up. LOL
    looks like she's wearing a huge baby diaper and got tangled up in toilet tissue roll. she looks confused too!
  11. everyone looked a hot mess! was this a Black Tie, or a sweet sixteen?? lol

    Iman, Dita Von Teese, Elle McPhearson were the only ones who looked like they were attending a very formal affair.

    what happened to taking the time to get ready to go somehere nice? some of those celebrities look like they didnt even comb their hair! disgusting. lol

    eve- looks like she is going to a club

    Kate- looks like she didnt even shower

    Marykate- looks like she was found in a store shopping and was pulled to come here asap

    Liv- looks like an executive for a company stopping by from after work

    Kate- looks like a dressed up hippie

    Kate (the one with the five finger forehead)- hot mess. no pedicure? what is the deal with the shoes and what poor soul told her that dress was appropriate?

    Venus- looks like she had her childhood easter dress tailored to fit her current size

    naomi- dress looks like a costume
  12. Dita's dress is fab, whichever Olsen that is that wore the terry cloth thing looks heinous.
  13. Thank you for posting! I always love to ponder what I would personally wear to a gala like this.
  14. What was Eve thinking? Everyone else has these over the top gorgeous gowns and she has a sparkley little number that I can get anywhere and everywhere?

    I think I love Ashley's whole look, very chic!I love her!
  15. Dita looks really great! I always love her hair, it's beautiful.
    I think Iman looks great too! I love her book.