7th Heaven - so bad, it's good

  1. I found a channel that shows episodes of 7th Heaven, and I've often stopped flicking the channels to watch some of it.

    The acting's bad and it's preachy and just so damned wholesome and yet I can't change the channel!

    And Ruthie was so annoying when she was younger!
  2. I know! I think it's kind of cute, actually, but so addicting!
  3. This show came out when I was in the 6th grade. At the time I didn't watch it because it was cheesy. By my junior and senior years, I was hooked (after Simon killed someone). It ended my sophomore year of college. Gosh, I love this show, but hated the series finale. After all these years, they could have ended the show much better.
  4. I started watching when they sent Mary away. Last night's was when the whole town was talking about Mary and why she left.

    While it's preachy and wholesome, I love how it's not judgemental.

    For my media class in college, a group of us had to do a topic on how sex was portrayed in the media. Some people in the group reviewed an episode of Sex and the City while we reviewed an episode of 7th Heaven where someone on Mary's basketball team was up for an award but was disqualified after it was realized that the girl was a teen mother. Mary stood up for her saying she made some mistakes, but she's a good person and she still deserves the award.
  5. Why is it that watching the episode where Simon is listening to misogynistic rap music REALLY makes me want to listen to Wreckz-N-Effect's "Rump Shaker"?
  6. 7th Heaven is one of my all time fav shows, LOL.....
  7. This show used to be okay but it's gotten to be horrible. I'm sorry but it really should of ended when they planned to end it. They just keep dragging it out, please let this be the last season!
  8. Yeah!!! It is so bad it's good! It's really one of my favorite shows, yet I find it painful to watch. I would never miss an episode, though! Haha! I thought I was the only one.
  9. what I really hate about this show is that in order for someone to have sex, she/he has to get married first, so they all end up getting married at 18, having a baby at 19 and divorcing at 20! :blah:
  10. Personally, I love Rev. Camden's life lessons. I think of how I would have responded to those lectures when I was a kid. It would have been a little different than how the Camden kids talk back. :smile:
  11. My God! Simon started having sex and it was an international incident!
  12. Um..hate to say it but I have been watching the show for years! :push: LOL
  13. :true::lol:
  14. The other thing that kind of bothers me is that everyone knows everyone else's business. (Although I realize that if people were allowed to keep secrets then they wouldn't have a premise for a show.)
  15. Simon had sex???? :wtf: I obviously have not watched the show in some time....I quit watching when Mary left.