7th heavan

  1. i love that show! can you belive they are doing an 11th season?????????
  2. You know, I used to love this show and I was upset when it was going to be cancelled, but I knew it was time. I understand a new network needs established programs, but that show is so outrageous now. I'm upset with the CW anyway because they did UPN shows dirty. I knew they were going to be on the short end of the stick.
  3. Not too hot about that show, I just cannot stand Lucy ...:Push:
  4. i enjoy it but it seems like everything is sooooo draaaaawwwwwnnnn out. like ill watch an episode and things are getting interested and then its not solved for like two episodes! lol maybe its just me? :smile:
  5. I love this show... I spend my monday evenings glued on TV just for this show... lol lol..