1. YouTube - Real or Faux at Fashion Week 2006

    at the end of the video theres a man with a Louis Vuitton Abbeses (SP?:confused1:) he says its real but it looks a little fake to me anyone wanna verify who he is and if its real or not?
  2. Fake, it's a Naviglio in monogram cavas which was never made...it goes with his fake gucci sunglasses....I guess he's gonna drop dead any second now...

    "I'll drop dead first before I wear anything fake" :rolleyes:
  3. its not an Abbesses its a Naviglio (or at least its trying to be). i can't tell if its fake or not it was too brief. it could be a special order. but based on what he's wearing, im inclined to think its fake. geez... he's soooo stylish :rolleyes: oh and that chick with the fake broken bag, how embarrassing!
  4. Exactly...how do these people get invited to fashion week and not us!
  5. hahaha. :tounge: i thought it looked iffy.