$771 GUCCISSIMA - Keeper?

  1. What do you think of this BORDEAUX GUCCISSIMA BOUVIER - it's 15 and 3/4 L x 9 1/2 W. I just ordered it today.

    Should I keep this one at this price - $771 from Bluefly (thanks to 20% promo code!) plus only $7.95 shipping and free return.

    OR should I return the Gucci and get the DIOR GAUCHO in Red??? I really NEED a red bag...so I could use your honest opinions please!
    GUCCI bouvier.jpg gaucho-1.jpg
  2. I love the Guccissima!!!
    I have the wallet of the same leather print and I LOVE IT!
    I would keep the Guccissima because it looks classier and the style seems to carry over for year - compared to the Dior Gaucho - Dior Gaucho looks more casual - so I guess depends on how you will wear the bags!

    But I personally would keep the Guccissima!!!!
  3. I like the Dior better - even though I mainly own Guccis, LOL.
  4. I love the Gucci Bouvier, I'd keep that. Much more classic-looking, too.
  5. I prefer the Gucci, am not really a fan of CD
  6. I'd say the Gaucho might go out of style but no so much this style of Gucci.....plus you can wear it day or evening. The Gaucho is really funky but not very evenish!

    So to sum up...GUCCI!
  7. i like the gucci better
  8. I like Guccissima Bouvier better too. It is good size, and like tenmosquito and jovercraftier said, it is more classic-looking. It can be worn casual or formal, not like the CD bag which is more casual.
  9. Out of those 2 bags...I pick DIOR!
  10. I would pick the Gucci, without question!!
  11. Definately Gucci!
  12. I prefer the Dior.... I have been wanting a Gaucho for awhile now....
  13. I like the Gucci better. You'll be able to carry it longer.
  14. I prefer the Gucci, it's gorgeous !
  15. I like the Gucci way better