75% off at Rene Caovilla!

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  1. they really need to bring their site up to date! its terrible!
    thanks for posting tho!
  2. I agree about their website! I have never been to their site before now but after seeing it I don't feel like shelling out for their shoes even at 75% off. Ok, maybe for just one pair. But that's it!:P
  3. hmmm....good point. I love their shoes so much, but their website doesnt do them any justice.
    wonder what that's all about.
  4. i agree with you. the website looks terrible for us it doesnt makes you wana order
  5. How do Rene Caovilla shoes run?
  6. thanks for posting!
  7. wow....
  8. i am checking it out
  9. Thanks OP! Love love love her shoes!!
  10. I think his shoes run true to size. I have one pair in a 38 that fit perfectly and I tried a pair in 37.5 that fit well. I wear a 37.5 or an 8 in nikes....if that helps.
  11. BTW, I called the company and told them about the comments about the site. I said it nicely and explained that I was only alerting them because I love their product so much and know that many other people do as well and that it is a shame that their site would deter them from sales.