$714 Chloe AVA at NM!

  1. Ooo - I saw the moka one somewhere. Hmmm... where? Not on sale though.
  2. It was on sale at Neiman Marcus. I had it in my shopping basket almost a week at $716.00. I was trying to find out whether they would ship internationally, but couldn't.

    So lost it.
  3. Oh no! Sorry 'bout that SollyTia! I hope you find another Moka Ava!
  4. It's just as well, to be perfectly honest, I have obviously got a serious problem, I buy gorgeous handbags, I then put them away safely, and take them out at regular intervals to admire!!!

    I love your avatar by the way, is that the new paddington key chain, can't remember which online store I saw it in.

  5. Last night this bag went down to $604:nuts:.
  6. Whoever bought it, got it for $536!

  7. SollyTia - Yes, it's the Paddy keychain from LVR! I just got it today and I ADORE it! So cute - and it MATCHES my rouge Paddy perfectly! Cristina from LVR called me because I was a new customer. We ended up chatting about life in Florence and my life here in PA, USA. She said that she had such a nice conversation so she didn't charge me shipping - it came out to 91.67 Euros = $123.00! I'll post pics in the "chloe family" thread!