70mm patent Burgandy Yoyos anywhere?

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  1. I know Saks has the 85mm, but has anyone seen it in the lower heel.
  2. NM SF has these, but I think they're 85mm too. Sorry I do not close attention unless it is 100mm and up. They do have the black kid 70mm simple and will be getting red patent too.

    The 70mm shoes I have seen at Saks SF & LV are the black, burgundy and tortoise Pigalles and the black patent Yoyos. Again, not paying attention to which yoyos they had. Sorry. :shrugs:
    HPIM0939_JPG.jpg HPIM0937_JPG.jpg HPIM0938_JPG.jpg
  3. Alot of Saks have them!!! I think cjy just ordered them :yes:
  4. yeah saksnyc and tysons galleria has 85mm, also has pigalle 70mm in burgundy
  5. I wanted the 70mm. I am getting the black kidskin 70mm yoyo's from NM. If I can't find the burgandy in the 70mm I look at the pigalle.
  6. Edit: ^^ I didn't know they had the 70mm in YoYo....

    LavenderIce - I'm :drool: at the White Patent YoYos ;).
  7. They have a tortiose pigalle??? That sounds PURDY!! Please do not tempt me...I am very weak. BTW, I have seen a style in the lower heel that looks like a yoyo but I think they called it Materna..could be wrong, just throwing that out.
  8. Yes I did!!!!:yes:
  9. cjy--I thought I mentioned the tortoise pigalles in one of your threads, yeah, Saks SF & LV have a tortoise pigalle in 70mm. I think it would go great in your collection! I think the lower heeled yoyo you are talking about is called the "jo" and it has a low, chunky heel.
  10. Maybe that is it. I did not realize they even made a 70 yoyo!! Yeah the tortoise pigalle, my heart is beating fast!! We did talk about 70 pigalle but somehow I missed that or mentally blocked, out of fear! Do you have any of that style?? Any idea as to fit and comfort? Price?? I may have to call in the am.:drool:
  11. Oh, I have seen the jo and I don't like the lower chunkier heel on it. Looks to old lady to me, hope that does not offend anyone.
  12. I have the Pigalle, but in 100mm only. I think for a pointy toe shoe, they are pretty comfy and you cannot go wrong in a 70mm. I know you are a yoyo die hard, but if you were to return one of them, you should definitely pick this up. Price wise, I think it is under $600.

    I am going to be a 100mm high heel snob and say anything lower than 85mm is too old lady for me.:P
  13. I got the burgandy yoyo's today and have them on now and they are so lovely!!!!! Read my updated thread on the yoyo's. After all the DRAMA regarding the black and ordering 2x they are still not right>>....Pissed pissed pissed!
    I will post a pic later but this color is too amazing(burgandy) really!
    Thread was Damn..conflicted
  14. I saw the burgundy's today at Saks NYC. Very beautiful. :heart:

    There are definitely different heights in the Yoyos. I believe the breakdown is 70s, 85s and 100s.
    The 70's and 85s have sculpted heels, while the 100s don't.
  15. Here are mine!!