$70k Ring Flushed!!

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  1. i would have ripped every up with my bare hands LOL
  2. ^^^:roflmfao:
  3. Wow, did the ring even fit her correctly? I can't imagine it just "falling off." Even in cooler weather, you wear a ring guard to make it fit well, especially on a 7 carat diamond, like the article stated.

    I'm wondering what she was doing for it to fall into the toilet like that. :shrugs:
  4. I'm suspicious- wonder if she and the finance were fighting that night and she regretted her actions.....
  5. a 7 carat diamond for 70k? i feel like it should have been more expensive for that...
  6. it would be if it were very high quality:yes:
  7. I wonder if they had insurance.....
  8. oh my gosh i cant believe they got it!
  9. Whoa... I would have been way more careful with a ring like that!!!

  10. thats what I want to know, maybe she was wiping too hard.

    call me shallow, but if that happened to me...I would be crying like a baby
  11. The article did say there was a large solitaire surrounded by smaller diamonds, for a total carat weight of 7ctw. It was not a 7ctw solitaire.

    She needs to get her butt to the jeweler for some ring sizing - STAT!!
  12. her butt!? LMBO!:lol:
  13. well; her butt, and the rest of her too :amuse:
  14. No offense but I would never put that ring on again. Sorry but I have a phobia about toilets. Yikes. I'm getting the shivers just thinking about it now.