$700 to spend on a S/S bag. Must be cream or tan. HELP ME!!!

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  1. What would you buy in tan or white or cream??
    $700 is my limit.

    I don't care about the brand this is your suggestion and fantasy. Go forth!!!!! Thank You!!
  2. oh, also, I'd prefer a shoulder strap, but whateves. :smile:

    I say this because I've just decided to collect after my husband surprised me with a MJ Quilted Venetia in black. Poor dude, he didn't know what kind of a monster he'd create.
    Anyhow, I've got my budget and want a lighter bag for the spring, lighter in color and weight!!! ha.
  3. [​IMG]

    what about the botkier trigger bag in metallic pearl. whites are supposed to be very big this spring. it's $610 on eluxury.com.
  4. Oh! I like that!! I'm also leaning to the Sienna, but I wanted new options, this one is good!!
    MORE!! I'm salivating. ha.
  5. well it depends on what your taste is. i have my eye on the Monsac East/West. It's very under your budget!

  6. I think my bag taste really just fits in with how I dress. I would never buy a Juicy bag just because it would look ridiculous with my clothing. You know?
    My clothing is sort of like a cross between Nicole Richie, Kirsten Dunst, and Miss Moss.
    A little classic vintage rock and roll schlep.
    So I like the slouchier stuff, and whipstiched stuff.
    My Black quilted venetia however is perfect for my "grown up" bag.
    I just need more casual brown and white bags.

    Novel, over.
  7. How about these?

    Off ebags.com:

    Pietro Alessandro Large Slouch Shoulder $171 now
    Pietro Alessandro East West Oversized Satchel $268.20 now
  8. i saw a kooba bag that i personally love... but its 50$ over-budget

    n this one for 595$ :

    cole-haan for 285$ :

    oh i love cream n tan bags... :nuts:
  9. Hayden and Harnett have beautiful leather bags that come in the colors you want. the leather is SO soft and reasonably priced!

    or i just got a monimoni girl bag yesterday...the splendor in cappucino...i like it, i guess minus the heart thngy that hangs from it. haha, but i should have splurged on the balenciaga instead. haha

    these are both under 400$ :P then you have money to buy a new wallet. haha.


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  10. I like this Tod's on Bluefly. With a coupon code you could get it for close to $700 ($714).

  11. These are all GREAT~~
    I'm so so lost when it comes to bags that aren't on celebs in US magazine (I've got those covered)
    so far your help has been SO RAD!!!

    Thank you!!

    If anyone else has any suggestions please add knowing that it's being appreciated!! :smile:
  12. I agree, something from Tods!
  13. I saw this Furla and it was awesome...it comes in a cream/white
  14. Here's a pretty Gucci bag for $695
    Here's a Prada bag for $557 at bluefly