$700 sunglasses?!??!

  1. [​IMG]crazy, huh?
  2. holy cow no thank youuuuuu
  3. Is it because of the little crystals??? That is CRAZY, they are not even cute IMO.
  4. Have you seen the guccissima desk tray for like $400? Sometimes their pricing makes no sense at all.
  5. Eva Longoria had these on during the summer. $700?? No thank you, thats a brand new handbag!!!
  6. I am a sunglass junkie and I have bought some expensive Cartiers and Louis Vuittons, but even I don't like those.
  7. nice, but really.
  8. :wtf: $700?!???? crazy. i feel bad for anyone who bought it at that price since the price dropped significantly now...