$700 Sunglasses!?!

  1. They're very nice!! But I must agree, $700?! I think maybe like $450-$500 would be a bit more reasonable.
  2. Yeah that's a bit much, especially since i have a tendency of losing sunglasses
  3. If they had a really special, unique look or piece to them that warranted that price but um...they just look like another pair of plastic frames to me. I spent $400 on my last pair of Chanel's and THAT was already ridiculous, this pair just makes me giggle
  4. not for me
  5. Seems a bit high... but they're so HOT!
  6. I'm not totally taken with them, and as others have said -- what's so special about them? I don't think Gucci has the cache to get these to catch on.
  7. I constantly lose my sunglasses, so my ceiling is $275. Even if I had the extra $$$$, I still wouldn't pay $700 for sunglasses.
  8. Those are completely hideous- I can barely get myself to pay $60 for Saks outlet sunglasses :p But I was fine with the $17 Diors lol ;)
  9. If I am not mistaken the LV sunnies I bought my daughter 2 years ago were about $700 or close to it. Talk about an impulse buy....
  10. The sunglasses are fabulous but I am a sunglasses destroyer. Lose them, break them, scratch them.
  11. Those better be real diamonds! lol. I have a pair of Coach glasses, I paid 175 for them. Thats as much as I will pay because I lose my sunglasses entirely too often. Im surprised my Coach's have been around for a year.
  12. Those look awful! Sorry..
  13. $700 is too much.
  14. sorry but those are nasty and way too ghetto bling. they don't look like they cost more than 20 bucks