$700 for a mono Alma at a Consignment shop - too much?

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  1. I have never bought from a consignment shop before but there is one near to my job and the other day while walking by I noticed the most gorgeous mono Alma in the window. The patina on this thing is amazing. A beautiful honey color. The price tag on it was $700. I'm thinking that's a little high for a used mono alma. I didn't go inside b/c I was afraid I would buy on the spot.

    Can you lovely ladies who have way more LV experience than me give me your opinion on whether you think this is a fair price for a used mono Alma?
  2. Wayyyy too much. I don't have any experience at consignment stores but at that price for not much more you can get a brand new one.
  3. 1.) Go in without any cash/cards and check how used it is.
    2.) If you like it, go back and haggleeeeeeeeee!
  4. Way too high I agree. I have never seen one for over 500 at a consignment store and it was MC.
  5. IMO, no matter what you buy in a consignment shop, there should always be a little haggling involved. I, too, think $700 is high for a pre-owned Alma.
  6. ok good. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. The reason I love it so much is the patina makes it seem like it's kind of broken in and I don't have to worry as much as with a new mono Alma. That's what is holding me back from buying a new one. All the vachetta on the bottom scares me.
  7. Too high. They seem to be going for less on average on eBay.
  8. Some consignment sellers probably don't understand the pricing scale and just assume because it's authentic it has to be worth a certain price range.

    Too much.
  9. Way, way too high!
  10. Thanks everyone. I took a closer look through the window this morning and the leather on the bottom shows some wear. And the tag said $750, not $700! I'll pass
  11. Good decision.
  12. For pricing questions, it's best to take a look at completed items on eBay to see what is the market value of the bag in question.

    Hopefully you'll be able to snag one in the future ! :yes:
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