70 year woman arrested for dry lawn???

  1. OMG! That video broke my heart! What an A**h*le Cop! She seems like such a sweet little lady how sad she had to be put into jail even if it was for a little over an hour! Ugh... some cops...Instead of putting rapists, killers, drunk drivers and people who run red lights that cause accidents in jail this cop is harassing a little old lady! :tdown:
  2. uugh, that pisses me off :wtf: i completely agree with you Jenarae - they need to spend their time on the actual criminals. A dry lawn? please.
  3. That must be the most ridiculous excuse for putting someone in jail. It is her lawn! Whether she waters it often or otherwise is her perogative.

    My heart goes to her. It must be a terrifying experience for her.

    The Police should focus on the actual criminals not terrorising an old lady.

  5. Beyond ridiculous.
  6. OMG that is so terrible she actually got injured over it! Ironically we have water restrictions where we are and if your lawn isn't dry your known as the 'water waster'. we even have water restrictions police so this sounds soo irronious to me!
  7. So stupid!! Yah I have watering restrictions too where I live..if cops arrested everyone with a dry lawn...basically the entire town would be in arrested.
  8. Wow, that cop needs to get a life......I am sure the video made the evening news and made that cop look pretty stupid....
  9. I hate how the cop excuses it as "well, every cop has atleast one time where they scratch their head and say why did this happen?"...THAT'S REDICULOUS!! The cop is an adult, he himself being a citizen knows that being arrested for a dry lawn is beyond extreme. They should put his ass on office duty or better yet, arrest him for arresting a little old lady.
  10. It is so terrible !
  11. Goodness, that is completely ridiculous and frivilous. Sex offenders are walking around free and yet if you have a dry lawn you get arrested.
  12. I work in Land Use Enforcement and I believe it. Where she lives probably has some sort of municipal code saying that lawns must be maintained in a specific way and someone turned her in. In order to get to the arresting stage of the matter she has to have ignored them for about 2 years. Stuff like this happens all the time. Lesson: your local government has a duty to enforce its laws irrespective of how silly they may be or who you are.
  13. I guess you better lock up everyone in my town, because everyone's lawn is dry. We haven't been getting a whole lot of rain lately...