70% off sale/clearance bags at fashion boutique!

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  1. Hey ladies, I was looking at The Fashion Boutique.net - Designer Fashions - Hand Bags | Hype | Christiana site and all sale/clearance bags on additional 70% off. The code to use is UNREAL.
    I bought 5 bags - so much for my purse ban. :shrugs: THere are some really cute bags from Charm & Luck and Hype...too bad Tano isn't on sale!
    Anyway, good luck!
  2. Yes, true, great deals, but per a previous post....when it is time to check out I get a security alert that their site is not secure. That is enough for me not to buy!!!!!
  3. Really? I don't get that alert and I've bought there several times before without problems. Maybe you can call in an order if it's a problem.
  4. and some nasty Muse-inspired bags there as well
  5. You can make your purchase via Paypal on the site, if you're worried about security. They have great customer service - I was very pleased with my purchase the one time I've bought from them.

    The Hype bags that are on sale are really cute!
  6. Thanks for the code! I just bought 2 bags and saved $154! I have a feeling they are going to email me and tell me that they are out of stock. Cross my fingers!
  7. How does the code work? i typed it in the coupon thing and it said that the coupon expired....
  8. I typed the code into the coupon section and clicked REDEEM..it took off the percentage at checkout. If it isn't working, send the owner email, I'm sure she will help you..
  9. Cute bags but nothing that I "must" have . Thanks for posting the info and the link.
  10. I got the security alert as well which scared me off the site. Even if you use paypal it still asks for all of your personal information.
  11. If you use paypal it charges you full amopunt and says it will refund difference, not what I wanted to do with my debit card, may take awhile to tie up a sizeable amount of cash! Tried to email them to call in order, security alert came on for me also.
  12. The paypal site is secure.
  13. Thanks for the tip...bought a ton! how exciting! I got the security alert too and contacted the seller. she assured me it was ok. liked the quick communication.
  14. :s nothing I need right now
  15. She just added all her Aaneta bags to the clearance sale..so an additional 70% off those with the code too. I got the Cleopatra large in sand for $84!